How does OSOZ support doctors in their everyday work?

The Nationwide Health Care System (OSOZ) is a modern information system supporting the health care management. The unique character of this project lies in the combination of the most important elements of the health care system in one system and the possibility of electronic exchange of health information. The idea of OSOZ concentrates not only on the patient, pharmacist, health care manager, but also the public trust organizations dealing with health, which guarantees the comprehensiveness of practical solutions in the Polish health care. The main concept of the system is to support the society by supplying health information and promoting efficient prevention.

What does lie beneath the Nationwide Health Care System?

The main goal of the Nationwide Health Care System OSOZ is the combination of benefits from the participation for the patient, doctor, pharmacist and public trust organizations related with health.

Starting with patients

What is OSOZ

The basic benefit of OSOZ participation for the patient is the possibility of setting up and handling an Individual Health Account. The account is for the patient to gather health data, especially related with health problems, doctor's appointments, medicines taken or test results. The patient also has the ability to collect graphic data on their health e.g. X-ray images etc. What is the main purpose of having the account? The patient can make their data available for a doctor, thus enabling them to take better care of patient's health, having more information. It is worth emphasizing that the patient's account is fully anonymous and accessible only in their presence and upon their consent.

Here you can see how OSOZ supports patients' health.

OSOZ also supplies solutions helping doctors in their everyday work. Then, what are the services offered to doctors every day?

Read about the benefits from OSOZ participation for doctors.

More information about OSOZ

The main assumption of the OSOZ system is not only the extension of patient's knowledge on their own health condition, risk of diseases and preventive measures, but also an attempt of departure from the traditional approach with the perception of the system as focused solely on corrective medicine. The Nationwide Health Care System has successfully taken up the challenge of creating a joint platform of the public and private sector supporting the preventive medicine by constant monitoring of processes taking place in health care, their qualitative and quantitative classification, creation of effective management strategies and specialist preventive programs.

With more than two decades of experience on the medical market OSOZ fulfils the health care needs of the society by harmonizing the information flow between individual units of broadly defined health care and the patient. The attention of the Nationwide Health Care System is mainly focused on the increased patient service quality and development of trust with underlying awareness of efficient integration of all parties of the process.

The basic value promoted by OSOZ is patient care and creation of optimum conditions for good patient - doctor relationship.