Legal Note

The data collected in the OSOZ System do not comprise all the entities in the health care market, but only those which have agreed to it when joining the system. Information becomes more precise when more and more entities join the system and the data more precisely reflect the actual condition of the market. Accordingly, the data are of informative character and the OSOZ system operator is not responsible for their interpretation nor for any consequences of actions taken on the basis of the information acquired from the System.


Privacy Policy

I. General Information.

The administrator of (KAMSOFT Spółka Akcyjna, ul. 1 Maja 133, 40 - 235 Katowice, REGON 241371988, NIP 9542685559, share capital of PLN 52600000 (paid in full), KRS 0000345075, District Court Katowice-East, 8th Department of the National Court Register) attaches great importance to the issues related with the protection of privacy of portal users. The administrator does not solicit personally indentifying information from portal users. In order to protect the data contained in the Individual Health Accounts the Administrator uses information protection mechanisms proven in the Internet banking. Especially the Administrator uses secure data transmission over a https protocol and encodes the data using an ssl algorithm.

II. Technical requirements related with the use of the web portal.

For proper operation of the web portal it is necessary to have:

- WWW browser supporting JavaScript,

- cookies file handling enabled in the browser.

The following parameters are recommended:

- minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 px

- one of the following browsers for Windows systems:

- Internet Explorer from version 7,

- Mozilla Firefox from version 3.5,

- Opera from version 10,

- Chrome from version 5.

- for iOS systems – Safari system from version 5.

Other software necessary for correct operation of certain sites in the web portal are: Acrobat Reader (for reading documents) and Sliverlights (for using The programs are made available by their producers for free under the links provided in the web portal.

III. Threats related to the use of the Internet.

Use of any services provided electronically via the Internet entails certain threats present in the web.

Such threats include especially the risk of spoofing, exposure to spam and dissemination of malicious and harmful software such as computer viruses, Trojan horses and worms. In order to avoid threats mentioned above the Internet user should:

- take care of confidentiality of the access data used in the Internet (user name, user password);

- use antivirus software and firewall applications in his/her computer;

- update the software on an on-going basis – it is recommended to enable automatic update options;

- avoid suspicious internet sites and not accept electronic mail from unknown senders.

IV. Cookie files.

This Portal Administrator uses cookie files. Cookies are text files saved in the memory (e.g. hard drive) of end user's device. These files are used to recognise and store the fact of visiting the portal, for statistical purposes (Google Analytics software operates in this portal) and for technical provision of Portal's correct action.

Terminal users may block the possibility of saving them on applied devices. To do so, turn off the option of download and storage of cookie files in your web browser. Disabling cookie files may cause that you cannot use some Portal functions.

Cookie files do not cause configuration changes in end user's devices or software installed in this device.