What is OSOZ and how can it support my health?

Let's think where and how the information about our health is collected...

We go to the doctor, tell him about our problems, get examined, receive a prescription or referral to a specialist. The doctor records everything in a paper patient card. After our visit the card is put on file at the outpatient clinic. Then we go to a specialist and we repeat everything: we tell him about our problems, get examined, receive a prescription, etc. If we are lucky, both doctors learn the same information.

Unfortunately it often happens, especially due to the lapse of time between the visits, that we do not remember what medicine was prescribed by the doctor or what the dosage was … We even don't remember the exact date of that visit.. Was it five or six months ago? What was the diagnosis? What did he prescribe and what was the effect? And the specialist has no access to results of the examinations done by the former doctor.

The data regarding our health is scattered and can be found on different files at different outpatient clinics. A doctor from one outpatient clinic has no access to the information collected in another. A cardiologist who treats our heart knows nothing about our treatment by another specialist and we don't remember all the details. And what if the medicines previously prescribed have bad effect on our heart or work incorrectly or adversely if combined with other medicines...?

Moje zdrowie


Maybe we should change it?

Let's imagine one place where all the data about our health is kept. Information about each visit at the doctor, each medicine purchased, examination results, x-rays and our own notes about our wellbeing - everything stored in one place, available to us and to our doctor (obviously, only after our consent).

By having access to that information the doctor will have better knowledge of our health and improved ability to diagnose the illness. This in turn will enable him to suggest more precise and cheaper treatment that provides faster recovery.



It this solution much better than old paper files kept at different outpatient clinics?

We asked ourselves that question and the answer was: YES!

That is why we have developed OSOZ (Ogólnopolski System Ochrony Zdrowia) (Nationwide Health Protection System), Europe's unique project whose goal is to support your health, your child's health and health of your entire family. Thanks to the OSOZ each member of your family will be able to easily and safely keep their own health diary in the form of an Individual Health Account.

In subsequent chapters we have tried to provide answers to all the questions concerning an Individual Account, benefits derived from it, access to the account and safety of use.